Members of our church family have some amazingly powerful testimonials of Gods love and power.

“I love this church.  I have attended other churches over the years, but this is such a loving atmosphere.”



 “Jesus has changed my life.  I have been clean from drugs for 3 years now.  I thank you Casper Community Church for being there when I was at my lowest.  I love you all.”



“I am celebrating 7 years of sobriety.  The minute I walked into this church, I felt the presence of God and my life has been changed.  This is the most loving church I have ever known.”



“I love you guys!  You are awesome.  Jesus is awesome.  I am so glad I am part of this church.  This is my family.”



“You all are such wonderful servants of God.  You provide a real place for people to come to and feel good and be blessed.  Thank you so very much.”



“I praise Jesus for the love that pours out whenever I come to this church.  Thank you, my family, here at Casper Community Church.”



“I gave my life over to Christ on May 3, 2015 at this church and have been clean and sober since .  I’ve been united with my daughter.  I love this church.”



“I love how comfortable I feel here.  Thank you.  I really dig the service.  I can’t believe I actually pay attention.”